Forest of the future

Next forest acquired by Naturarvet

protect your own forest route

NOTE! All squares in this target are reserved. You can order forest boxes in any of our ongoing collections, where you will receive a box with coordinates to visit. Go to the forest squares ->.

Here you can protect an earmarked forest route in the next Naturarvet old-growth forest for the sake of the forest or yourself, or to commemorate someone or honour someone's memory. When the next forest is acquired, these squares will be transferred to that forest and the area covered will be added as a satellite image below the squares, instead of the fancy image of a distant forest beyond a lake that is there now.

Each square is about 100 square meters and costs 1250 SEK. Click on one or more parts of the image below that are not already occupied and fill in the order form. If you want a larger image than one square provides, you can order more adjacent to each other and the image will be adjusted to fit over more squares! Each image square is 33×33 pixels.

Tips! Hover over an already occupied box to see if there is a text associated with the box. If the box/image has a web link attached to it, you can click on the box and go to the website or image that is linked.